In an exciting addition to the busy and buzzing street, Amber – an elegant new eatery – has just opened on Bree, and you need to try it.

The restaurant’s name comes from the colour. Known for being the antithesis of sadness, Amber the restaurant follows amber the colour in its optimistic and joyful energy.

“It is said that the more Amber you have in your life, the higher your energy is presumed to be,” says the restaurant.

The eatery uses the idea of amber, as both a colour and a concept, to appreciate the beauty in food and life.

“We see its beauty in so many things that we appreciate. The countless shades of amber when the sun rises and again when it sets. The many shades of autumn leaves that fall to mark the end of a beautiful summer.

The flames of our grill, cooking a perfectly medium rare steak. The ice cold beer filling your glass as we pull on the lever of our draught machine.”

Amber is the perfect addition to Bree Street, blending in with the funky but thoughtful vibe of the iconic street.

Picture: Amber on Bree

In line with Cape Town’s fluidity, the eatery doesn’t specialise in just one type of cuisine, but rather aims to create a seasonal menu with influences from all over the world.

Picture: Amber on Bree
Picture: Amber on Bree

The classy spot is aesthetically inviting and practical, with the shady outdoor area set up well for a summer cocktail spot. On Sundays, Amber hosts Raise the Roof with live DJs and an exclusive tapas menu.

Picture: Amber on Bree

Amber believes strongly in the value of guests and the priority customers have in a business. So, you know you can also count on great service at this elegant new eatery. Go visit!

Written by Jules Keohane for Cape {town} Etc.

Feature image: Steve Horton / Google