The festive season is all about fun times and delicious food, and there are not many dishes out there that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of some garlic. Fragrant and delicious, garlic adds a savoury and distinctive flavour to your food, but it also happens to leave an odour that lingers on everything from your chopping board to your fingers.

Luckily for us, Martha Stewart has a genius hack for ridding your hands of the scent that working with garlic leaves behind. Watch her explain the hack in the TikTok below:

@marthastewart Is there anything more utterly delectable than caviar with crème fraîche? #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #caviar #holidayentertaining #holidayrecipes ♬ original sound – Martha Stewart

As you can see, her trick involves using the knife that you chopped the garlic with in the first place. By rubbing your fingers over the side of the knife under warm running water, the smell will magically disappear from your hands!

It’s important to note that the trick is not necessarily to do with the knife but rather with stainless steel, and as such using anything made of stainless steel will do. Give this hack a try and let us (or Martha) know if it works.

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Written for Food&Home

Featured Image: Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash