It’s so fulfilling to watch something grow under your care. Whether it’s your business or your kids, raising something from scratch is satisfying. Gardening is another great way you can capture those feelings. Planting a seed and watching it grow into an entire plant is a miracle of nature.

But as any gardener can tell you, a thriving garden takes time and attention to detail. If you’re looking to work those green thumbs of yours then these are the perfect nurseries to get some plants or gardening essentials to add splashes of colour to any garden.

1. Harry Goemans Garden Centre

Harry Goemans Garden Centre is a family-run nursery situated on Kommetjie Road in Sunnydale, nestled between the Silvermine Mountains and Elsie’s Peak, Harry Goemans Nursery carry a wide variety of hardy, indigenous plants, many grown especially for them put out at their farm in Houw Hoek, as well as attractive pot plants and beautiful exotics to add splashes of colour to your garden.

You will discover pots and planters of all shapes and sizes, hardware and garden tools, gifts and décor accessories, a dedicated irrigation supplies department, and all the garden necessities you need like fertilisers, composts and mulches. This makes Harry Goemans Garden Centre your one-stop gardening shop.

Picture: Harry Goemans Garden Centre/ Facebook
  • Location: Kommetjie Road, Sunnydale, Cape Town

2. The Nursery – Stellenberg Gardens

The Stellenberg Nursery was established in 1996 to propagate plants from seeds and cuttings. Particularly, specialising in herbaceous perennials and hedging plants. Gardeners are welcome to the nursery with a wide variety of plants on sale. Just looking for a tranquil setting to relax? Visitors can even enjoy garden tours organised by the Nursery itself.

The Nursery-The Stellenberg Gardens/ Facebook
  • Location: 32 Oak Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape Town

3. The Greenhouse Nursery

The Greenhouse at Montebello, a little corner of paradise in the heart of Cape Town. The historic Montebello estate is home to completely organically grown and managed boutique nursery and is also your port-of-call for bespoke landscaping services.

Anything but your average commercial nursery. Hidden away in the picturesque Southern suburbs of Cape Town, the Greenhouse is a boutique nursery offering a spectacular array of flowering plants, shade plants and traditional garden plants, arranged in a unique and distinctive style which is at once inspiring and comforting – like taking a walk through an exquisite private garden.

Pop in for some advice from their experienced team, or just go and soak up the atmosphere…

Picture: The Greenhouse Nursery/ Facebook
  • Location: 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town

4. Hart Nursery

Hart Nursery mainly specialises in plants and keep a few selective accessories. A speciality which makes them stand out from the crowd is their very own onsite seedling and compost bagging production. Although it’s a small nursery, they mostly grow flower seedlings throughout the year.

Picture: Hart Nursery/ Facebook

Location: 350 Ottery Road, Ottery, Cape Town

Gardening is fun and a relaxing way to get in touch with nature. The best part of gardening is enjoying what you’ve grown, but the process is rewarding. So head down to these nurseries to work those green thumbs of yours.


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