With the hot days already kicking in around the country, it appears we’ve skipped spring altogether and jumped straight into summer. For gardeners, this means we need to pay special attention to the sunshine outside to protect ourselves and beat the heat in the months to come. Follow these essential tips to keep cool in the garden.


Don’t Forget Sunscreen

The first step is certainly the most important – never forget sunscreen. While putting on sunscreen should be a daily habit for overall skin health, it is particularly important when gardening. Make sure to reapply as often as required, especially if you’re spending a full day in the garden.

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Look For Shade

The sun is not static, allowing us to tailor our tasks to its movement throughout the day. Perform any tasks out in the open early in the day before the heat kicks in and move to areas that become shaded as the day goes on.

Forget Fashion

Although we all like to look good, even when getting our hands dirty, fashion rules can go out the window when the sun is concerned. Make sure your legs and arms are covered with light fabric and don’t forget a hat and gloves too. This will not only protect you from the sun, but also any pesky pests that feel like hanging out.


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Take A Break

If you have a lot to do in the garden, plan your day carefully so that you can take a break during the hottest parts of the day. This is typically around midday and into the early hours of the afternoon. Sit back and relax for lunch, putting the gloves back on once the weather cools.


Don’t Forget Your Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential, especially when performing tough gardening tasks. Keep a water bottle with you and don’t forget to top up with your hose as needed.

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