Time to get creative with wallpaper that’s no longer just for walls! These simple DIYs will have you doing more than you thought with less than you need.

Don’t be Shady

Bring personality to a simple lamp by adding wallpaper. Cut your paper to fit the shade, allowing 2cm extra for the top and bottom (we needed 2 pieces of paper to wrap all the way around the one pictured). Fold excess paper inside the shade and fix with double sided tape or clear craft glue.

Artistic Features

This project can be whipped up in 15 minutes and makes for an affordable piece of art. Starting with 2 pieces of dowel, tie a length of twine to the ends of 1 piece for hanging. Cut the wallpaper to your desired length (this was 95cm) plus 16cm extra to fold over the dowels. Position your dowels on the back of the wallpaper, 8cm in from the ends, and fold the ends over the dowels and fix to the back of the wallpaper with double-sided tape. Hang on your wall.

Drawing to Conclusions

To spruce up an old chest of drawers, measure the drawer fronts and cut the wallpaper to fit. This works best on drawers with a recessed handle running along top edge. If using more than one piece per drawer, be sure to line up the pattern. Working with one drawer at a time, apply clear craft glue to the drawer front with a brush, then stick down your wallpaper. Leave to dry overnight before returning items to the drawers.

Head Spaces

Try this cost-effective headboard. Ask your local hardware store to cut some MDF to the size you need. Cut the wallpaper to fit, leaving a 6cm overhang on all sides and matching up the pattern as you go. Use clear craft glue or wallpaper paste to stick the paper to the board. Fold the overhang over the edges, snipping into the corners, and stick down with glue or paste. The best part is you can easily change the wallpaper when you fancy a change to your bedroom.

By Wendy Fenwick

Images: Aremedia