The 2024 school year is officially back in full swing!

As children start to adapt to their new school grade, one thing that increases as the months pass by is the amount of homework and assignments they receive to not only help them understand the work but also score points that could boost their reports at the end of the term. Not to forget the quarterly examinations they are required to prepare for.

In order for your child to perform to the best of his or her ability, it is crucial that they have a decent study space that is both quiet and comfortable for them to absorb the content in their books.

Below are a few recommendations that you can use to create the perfect study space that will give your child the best learning experience.

Finding the perfect space

Prior to finding and selecting a study space, it is important to consider in which environment your child excels in the most. Student publication – Scholastic– believes that all children are different and are to be placed in an environment that complements their study methods.

Children who are lone studier generally need to be placed in a bedroom or an office where they have the peace and quiet to concentrate on their work.

“For kids who thrive in a busier atmosphere or like to involve you during homework time, carve out a permanent corner of the kitchen or family room for studying,” explains the above-mentioned publication. Meanwhile, it is still important to regulate the area and ensure that there are no unnecessary disturbances.

Not too comfortable

While some children may opt to sit and read their book or study in the comfort of their beds, this can produce the risk of them falling asleep. Instead, the Scholastic recommends you find a cushioned chair.

A parent with their child doing home and studying



Natural is always a winner when it comes to progressive studying. However, when the sun goes down, you may need to rely on alternative resources to continue the momentum. Having a dark study area is known to discourage studying as students easily fall asleep or create constant headaches.

This is why Nestdesigns – a manufacturer of furniture – recommends investing in decent lighting. “Layered lighting is actually better for your eyes, so use an overhead light in combination with the more focussed light of a desk lamp,” explains the publication.


“Apart from natural light, a well-ventilated area is also a good idea. A constant flow of fresh air is essential when creating an effective learning environment, so if there is a window, keep it open or at least ajar,” explains the above-mentioned source.


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Article originally written by Sergio Miller and published on BONA.

Feature image: Pexels