Grouping items and keeping similar items together makes the space easier to manage. Divide your pantry into zones to keep your food organised. This will help to reduce meal preparation time.

Here are 5 pantry storage tips you can use:

Use storage bins

Storage bins of any natural material, help keep your pantry organised by storing anything from canned goods to children’s snacks. Clear labels describing exactly what’s inside each bin make hunting for your midday snack or that last dinner ingredient a breeze.

Storage bins for your pantry

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Kitchen storage ideas

Grouping like items together

Dividing your pantry into zones and storing like items together will make it easier to find specific products, such as baking stuff, cereal and your evening cooking product.

Grouping helps everyone in the house know exactly where to find what is in the pantry. Designating an area for each specific product can also be another easy way to group items.

Jars grouped together

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Colour code

Well, some people go the extra mile of keeping their pantry super well organised, to the point of even colour-coding products with the same colour.

A colour-coded pantry is not only convenient but also visually appealing, and by keeping all the kid-friendly foods on the lowest shelves, it offers the highest level of functionality for your space.

Colour coding pantry

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Keep your pantry simple

Pantries help with keeping your space clutter-free, so keeping your pantry simple is vital. Keeping it simple means, it is easier for anyone to access it and to find what they are looking for with ease. Keeping everything simple makes it easy to reach for items, and can save you a lot of time.

Maintain your pantry

Your pantry can get disorganised after a while. To help maintain your space, always put items back in their appropriate spot, and get the whole family on board by keeping food accessible and visible. To avoid more clutter do a quick cleaning twice a month to make sure that everything is up-to-date and in place.

You can organise your pantry without spending too much money. With pantry storage, you need to keep it organised at all times to avoid creating more clutter.



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