Style up any living space with glass art. 

Whatever your tastes, there’s a glass feature to add on that will complement your home’s core design. 

You can get great designs and colour with stained glass ornaments and vases to enhance and let the light shine through your space.

Introduce elements of glass in the form of art or vases for those beautiful florals from your garden, even on a budget. 



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States of Art Glass

Hot glass

An art glass technique used to create sculptures and vases by way of glass-blowing and casting.

The artist will heat glass at very high temperatures (above 1000 degrees) to form molten, or glass in a liquid state. 

Thereafter, the artist gathers the molten lava which he casts into a ceramic mould until solid giving the sculptures stylish, ornate shapes. 

Glass sculptures give off sophistication and elegance in your space, inviting the light to play off in a brilliant display.   

Warm glass

Otherwise known as kiln-formed glass, is heated in an oven or a kiln. 

This heating technique forms the art we see as glass plates, tiles and glass sheets. 

Sometimes the glass art is formed in a fusing process where two pieces of glass are joined together. 

Cold glass 

In otherwise augmenting the glass texture or appearance, artists will use glass without heating it. 

Cold glass techniques include polishing, grinding, engraving, cutting, sandblasting and etching. 

Glass is a sustainable material used in many design elements. 

We make use of glass, or rather we experience it, almost everyday, likewise glassware is a worthy decorative and functional form in our homes.


In decor, glass has been used extensively as a key design feature – think; glass doors. 

From wine and cocktail glasses, to a sparkly chandelier, and perfume bottles in your boudoir, glass never fails to bring in an aura of class and sophistication when presented.

Through their creation, glass artworks take on many intricate forms to add character and finesse in a design.

Other glass features include my absolute favourite, the looking glass!

Mirrors will add the illusion of space, opening up walls to reflect your interior design genius.

So, when looking to add an extra touch of elegance to your indoor living space, have a look at local glass artists’ work for inspo. 

Feature image: Pexels