Autumn brings with it a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour, heralding the coming winter months. And what a gorgeous spectacle!

We have some fresh autumn decor inspo for your home. You can now bring the calm essence of the season from outside, in.

All things natural

Natural materials such as stone and granite work well to bring that grounding, natural feel to your lounge, kitchen or bathroom.

Adding elements such as ceramic or stone sculptures in earthy tones can bring that cool outdoor atmosphere to the inside living space. Think of wooden surfaces, indoor plants and glass ornaments. 

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Feminine mystique

Play with colour! Warm browns, oranges, shades of pink and green are welcomed colours to honour the season of fruitful change.

Give your room a facelift by incorporating these colour palettes using cushions, a throw, colourful drapes and bedding.

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Shine on

Silver is the new gold standard when it comes to adding a sophisticated clean finish to any space. Candlestick holders and mirrors are easy-to-find decor items to add a touch of luxury to your home this autumn. 

Art and more art

It’s always a good idea to invest in art to add to your living space.

We all have different tastes in this department, though try to look for pieces that will complement your walls and furniture.

Nothing adds more character to a space than a statement art piece. Floral prints and shots in nature that depict change can add that autumn feel to your home decor.

Lights, please

Your hours in the sun are about to be reduced as the cold winter fast approaches. It will be great to add layers of lighting, but not too much to overwhelm the area.

Choose a combination of ambient (general), task (e.g. a desk or floor lamp) and accent lighting to enhance corners and add warmth and character to your space.



Featured image: Marina M via Pexels