Feature walls not only liven up a space with a dramatic focal point, but they also give your home personality. 

Here are some tips for feature wall first-timers.


Feature walls are easier than you think

Choose wisely

The wall you choose as a feature wall needs to be the one that naturally catches the eye when you enter a room. Walls with design elements like fireplaces could be a good choice for a feature wall, while walls with doors or windows could be a distraction from the desired effect.

Consider the colour palette

Your feature wall needs to be outstanding in a way that compliments the rest of the room. For instance, if your room is a neutral colour, you wouldn’t want your feature wall to be another neutral tone. Instead, you would want your feature to be more dramatic in a way that compliments your existing colour.

Furniture placement

Remember how we mentioned choosing a feature wall should depend on where the eye naturally falls? Well, you can recreate your space to create a wall that the eye will be guided toward by organising the furniture to lead the eye to a focal point. For example, you can place your furniture like chairs in a living room or bed in a bedroom pointing toward the feature wall. 

A feature wall doesn’t have to be the entire wall

Hear us out. While feature walls may primarily be an entirely solid piece of space, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Sometimes, you can choose to accentuate a certain object like a bookshelf or desk to create depth and dimension.



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Feature image: Pexels / James Hollingworth