All soups are not made equally. 

Some are textured, some are smooth. Some are hearty, while others are light. 

If you’re like me and prefer an extra little bit of texture to a bowl or cup of soup, it’s easy to remedy that and achieve texture with these quick and easy solutions.


Add some crunch to your munch

If you have a smooth bowl of soup, you can add some toast as a side. As a spicy alternative to bread, you can add some tortilla chips. 

Croutons are the classic, traditional add-on for soups

Make it green

Top off your soup with a little extra greenery for an additional nutritional health kick. Top your soup off with fresh arugula, cilantro or parsley for a fresh bite.

A nutty alternative 

Toasted nuts like almonds, pecans or walnuts are a great way to add some depth to your soupy dish. Nuts are also neutral in flavour, so they won’t overpower the flavour of your soup too much. 

Load your soup

If you’re making a vegetable soup, but aren’t opposed to something meaty, you can add crunchy bacon bits to your serving of soup. The added smoky, salty flavour will elevate your soup serving. You can even add in some sauteed prawns or shrimp, or if you want something fresh, a few slices of avo can add a cooling element to spicy soups too.



Classic focaccia recipe


Featured image: Pexels via Navada Ra