Staircases are a high-function element of multi-story homes, but their form can also lend sophistication, intrigue, and beauty. Selecting the right stair railing or handrail for your space is a major design decision that can impact the feel of your home.

Contemporary railing

The hallmarks of a contemporary railing design are clean straight lines with minimal decorations. Contemporary railing design can be perfect for improving the minimal aesthetics of homes. This safety feature also gives stairs a visual presence and can make a staircase a work of art.

Here are some examples of modern and contemporary railings:

Large glass railing

Glass railings are a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings. If you decide to add a glass railing to your home, you are giving it that extra bit of flare to set it apart. People are choosing glass railings because it is one of the strongest, most durable, and safe railing options available.

The major advantage of glass railings is that they are completely transparent, allowing for a better view. Its transparent qualities give it a more futuristic look.

Glass Railing staircase

Image Credit: Pexels

Wood style railing

Beautiful woodwork especially around staircases, is an asset in older homes that should be made the centerpiece of the home. Wood rails can be easy to maintain and do not take up too much time to keep them clean. Wooden stair railing can be used as a handy modern statement piece.

The benefit of having wood-style railings is that they provide protection to the elderly and young children, and you can modernise wood easily. Wooden railings come in many designs at an affordable price. This is because wood in general is easily accessible and easy to manipulate according to your preference.

wood staircases

Image Credit: Pexels

Floating staircase railing

Floating stairs are designed to look like they’re floating in mid-air without any structural support. These floating stairs are becoming an increasingly popular choice in today’s design world, as they are extremely versatile.

Most floating staircases are held up by a strong steel material which makes them one of the safest in comparison to traditional staircases.

Floating staircases

Image Credit: Pexels

Steel stairway railing

Thinking of introducing a soft industrial feel to a warm and cosy home. This railing design is becoming quite common because it is not only safe but also quite durable. The streamlined look of the steel gives a simple yet sophisticated vibe to your home. The maintenance of steel is not too costly either.

Steel Staircase

Image Credit: Pexels

Stair railings serve more than a functional purpose. Anyone can have a beautiful staircase with a bit of creativity and experimentation, you can easily transform your staircase into an elegant one.


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