The living room is one of the most functional spaces and one of the hardest working rooms in the house. The living room space can be used for relaxing, entertainment, and even working. So here are the best colour schemes for it.


Neutral Colours (beige, grey or white)

Neutrals are a natural trend because they can clear the air and provide a clean, breathtaking feel to your living room. They are timeless for living rooms because they can go with almost every piece of furniture you decide to pair it with.

As living rooms are the place everyone uses to relax, soothing neutral shades can exude elegance as well as the comfort of home. They are versatile and easy to layer with some calmness change up to your living space.

Neutral living room colour

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Green (Outdoor)

Green is exceptionally versatile because it goes so well with other natural tones and materials. The outdoor natural greens are gaining popularity.

Since green is derived from nature, the different shades of green work well when paired with the different textures of furniture the living room offers.

Green living room paint

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Soft Blues

The classic colour of calmness is blue. This colour does wonders for houseowners who don’t want to go too bold. Blue offers a space of serenity, clear skies, and ocean vibes. It could be a statement colour for making an accent wall for your living room. Blue certainly feels like the right colour.

Blue Modern Living Room

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Bright Rich Red

If you think of going bold in your living room, try a bright red. Some associate the colour with luxury. So a bright red might work perfectly in the living room, a space that guests use more often.

It creates a living room that’s a wonderful retreat, surrounding it with warmth and comfort. The colour red is ideal for a room in which to relax. It’ll complement other organic colours you decide to pair it with beautifully.

Bright red living room colour

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Creating a cosy and comfortable environment for you and your family should always be easy and not cost you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of colour combinations that will instantly warm up your space.



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