Olive green is a versatile, neutral colour that easily transitions between modern and traditional styles. To enhance this earthy shade, pair it with complementary colours to make it feel vibrant.

Here are a few perfect olive green pairings:

Olive green interior with sofa and decor.

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Brown tones

Brown is synonymous with making a home living space feel warm and cosy. Pairing your olive green paint with dark brown furniture is a way these two colours can complement each other.

The different textures of your brown furniture will give an enveloping earthy feel to your space. An olive green living space paired with framed leather couches will always win.

olive green and brown

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Olive green with orange

From rusty orange tones to brighter hues it’s a great way to add a little zest to your interior decor. The colour orange is a great way to add depth to your olive green walls. Orange can give off an encouraging retro vibe.

Orange can be used for colour-blocking accent walls. Creating a contrasting way to make a statement background. Adding light orange-coloured plants around your home can help create the playful contrast spark needed.

olive green and orange decor

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Olive green with white

White and olive green is a classic, timeless pairing that looks great in any room of the home. Give it a fresh take by adding olive green furniture to your white-tone home. The white will bring out the bright hues of olive green. Paired with woody floors, furnishing your home with olive green will give off an earthy look to your home.

olive green and white decor

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Olive green paired with black

Enhance your home decor by combining olive green and black. Black as a neutral tone, pairs well with olive green and adds a touch of subtle drama to your living space without overshadowing it. The hints of black will introduce a bit of drama while maintaining the sophistication of both colours.

olive green and black decor (1)

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Dusty shade pink

A dusty shade of pink complements olive green well, thanks to its warm undertones. It’s perfect as an accent wall in your bedroom, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Together these colours add a sense of relaxation, making them the ideal combination for your bedroom.

Dark green modern living room interior background

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As a warm and muted shade of green, olive green is a good option to go neutral. Just avoid pairing it with any colour that has cool undertones.


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