After a good couple of shady months, hibernating underneath blankets and always having the fireplace going, it’s time for a welcomed change. The birds are chirping slightly earlier, the sun is peaking through our curtains and the fresh scent of the garden blossoms are all screaming that ‘spring has sprung’.

There’s nothing like vibrant colours, enriching textures and patterns to get the heart pumping. Bringing the outside in is what the season is all about, and with these simple spring decor trends, giving your home a little spring makeover is as easy as going for a stroll outside.

1. A feature wall can never go wrong


“Nature-inspired wallpaper is a great way to achieve the biophilic look for spring” says designer Tom Kennedy.  From oversized palm leaves to beautiful and colourful floral prints, this accent style is one of the easiest ways to make your walls pop. A feature wall also brings an entire space to one point of the room, creating a focused energy. Another useful tip is to keep the background of the wallpaper white. This in effect can also brighten up a naturally dark room, which we’ve all had enough of in winter.

2. Lighten those drapes


Windows are such important elements in a home as they decide how much light will be let into the space. Pack away the heavy drapes of the winter months and introduce something with much lighter tones with a fresher colour. In essence, this will allow much more light to peak through, creating the illusion of the outside pulling in. Another hack is also to remove curtains or drapes completely to really let the light in – perfect for minimalist enthusiasts. This look will of course be room-dependent, but it’s a great way to create the illusion of an enlarged space.

3. Pastel accents


Pastel blues, yellows and pinks are all dreamy colours that immediately makes one feel nice and cozy, warm and invited into a space. Including pastel colour accents on the walls, furniture or even homeware accessories can most certainly create this in your home. Tip: Make sure to work with a colour pallette to determine which pastel colours you want to work with.

4. Keep the snuggle


With spring being a very unpredictable season, we know there will be the cooler days. Keep a furry throw, or some textured pillows on the couch to snuggle up while having your afternoon tea or simply just watching a movie. The sun may be out but we live in South Africa, and having four seasons in one day is pretty much guaranteed on most days, especially if you’re in the Mother City.

5. The fresher the flower

Flowers can be a very expensive thing to be fond of, especially when buying it from the local store. Yet when one thinks about spring, fresh flowers is one of the first thoughts that pop into your mind. These days perfectly arrange bouquets are just too expensive. A nice hack is to just pop into your garden, grab two or three fresh flowers and pop them into a vase with water. This more natural untouched way of presenting them in your home makes the space feel less forced and less curated allowing natural energy to flow.


Spring here we come – A guide to the essentials