What is vivid minimalism? A design trend that is suddenly all the rave incorporates colour and minimalist design to create a visually stimulating yet calming sense in a space.

It is an evolution of minimalism through a combination with bursts of bold and bright colours.

There is an art to vivid minimalism which requires the artist to strategically combine contrasting colours without overwhelming the senses.

Introducing Vivid Minimalism In Your Home

Where this design element is employed in interior decor, colour becomes the focal point.

Therefore, any unnecessary objects in the space might overcrowd the feeling of the minimalist take.

To embrace this design philosophy in your home, the first step is to effectively declutter your space. 

Basic meets bold 

You need base colours which will provide sufficient playing ground for the colours you wish to incorporate into the living area.

Go for neutral tones in grey, white and beige to achieve that basic background feel.

Now you add pieces which bring in bold and bright colours which stand out against this basic background. 

basic white background with green plant on a desk

Image credit: unsplash / John Mark Arnold

Be strategic

Remember, this is above all a (vivid) minimalist look that you are going for.

So, avoid overcrowding and adding too many contrasting colours.

Focus on functionality and may your core pieces boast a simple, clean finish.

Additionally, use colour in accent pieces such as lamps, pillows and artwork.

Let the light shine

Use lighting in such a way that it accentuates these striking elements of colour.

Natural light is great for this.

However, you can introduce accent lighting to brighten a corner workspace or illuminate a contrasting statement art piece. 

a light shining on a pot plant

Image credit: Unsplash / Reinaldo Kevin

Contrasting finishes

Without relying too much on colour, employing different textures and finishes in contrast achieves a strong visual impact.

Including elements of nature such as brightly coloured flowering plants or fruits in a glass bowl as decorative elements, adds to the design aesthetic.

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Featured image: Unsplash