Internet users react to TikToker who is dressed like a farmer after buying two goats.

TikTok creator, Graeme Jr Ndlovu, who goes by the username @ndlovug on the app is in a celebratory mood after he recently purchased two goats.

The video that was posted on the app gained massive popularity with more than 57 000 likes with Graeme dressed like a local farmer pacing around the house after his purchase. Many internet users found this video hilarious as the creator paced with pride.

Graeme is captured acting the way a typical farmer would. He even added his twist to it where he spoke broken Afrikaans.


@ndlovug You can never be bored with this one in the house🤣🤣🤣#SAMA28 #fypシ #bafanabafana ♬ original sound – Graeme Jr Ndlovu

TikTok users took to the comment section where they gave the creator a typical farmer name.

One user complimented the creator’s attire adding that his whole outfit cost more than the two goats.

Another user commented: “That’s how I felt after the green pepper seeds I planted last year started growing. I have four green peppers now. I am so proud of myself.”

One user suggested that his new name would be Van der Gatsheni.

A user on the app wanted a recommendation of where he could get the outfit.

Another user said: “All I’m saying is whether it’s one goat or two there will be signs.”


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Feature image: @ndlovug / (TikTok)

Originally published in Bona Magazine.