Warning: The following article contains upsetting information and visuals.

One tourist sadly died and two other people were injured when an elephant stormed their vehicle during a safari in Kafue National Park.

In a video widely shared on social media, an elephant is spotted chasing a vehicle on safari in the largest and oldest national park in Zambia. Once the animal gets too close, the ranger can be heard shouting to deter it.

However, the elephant attacked the vehicle:


Several commenters on social media noted how the vehicle kept close range to the animal, while others wondered why it stopped.

No other details regarding the incident are available at this stage.

In March, a 32-year-old guide at Gondwana Private Game Reserve was killed by an elephant.

The unfortunate incident occurred on 10 March when one of the reserve’s docile elephant herds passed through the Gondwana Tented Eco Camp.

David Kandela tragically lost his life when he came into contact with the last elephant of the herd.


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