Dopamine decor has had its moment, but now we’re giving dark furniture its place in the spotlight.

Although soft, neutral tones and stone-like finishes are trending in interior decor, it’s the dark finishes and dark wooden furniture that adds shape to your space.

From rich mahogany to sleek black lacquer, there are endless options when it comes to incorporating dark furniture into your home decor.

Let’s get into it!

Why should you use dark furniture?

Using dark furniture can be very versatile to work with. It looks elegant and if you’ve got kids, spills and stains won’t be as big an issue as lighter interiors might be.

Pairing dark furniture with the right decor is an endless wormhole of creativity to embark on. Dark furniture fits into a variety of colour schemes, textures, and patterns, so creating a cohesive look in any room is simple.

It also has a timeless quality, never goes out of style, and can be easily adapted to different decor styles.

Dark furniture in the living room

In living rooms, dark furniture can be used to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

a dark coloured couch against a dark wall

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A plush, dark leather sofa paired with a matching armchair can be the centerpiece of any room, while a dark wood coffee table or bookshelf can add warmth and character.

Adding lighter accents, such as patterned throw cushions in different tones of the same colour can add a stylish touch, it can help balance out the darker tones and prevent the room from feeling too heavy.

Dark leather is great, but a dark suede can add a warm rich feel, as well.

Pro Tip: Try something out of your comfort zone and incorporate some colour. Jewel-toned blues and greens look chic with other shades of browns.

On to the bedroom

Bedrooms are another great place to incorporate dark furniture.

A dark wood or upholstered headboard can add a luxurious feel to the room while matching dressers and nightstands can create a cohesive look.

a dark green headboard and a light grey bed in front of it

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Pairing dark furniture with crisp white bedding and light curtains can help create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This will also create the illusion of a bigger space.

In the dining room

Dark wood dining room tables and chairs can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Pairing them with lighter-coloured table linens and bright floral arrangements will help create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere.

It’s about achieving the perfect balance between warm, cosy, and fresh accents in the home.

a dark green wall and black tables and chair

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When using dark furniture, it’s important to keep in mind that it can absorb light, making rooms feel smaller.

Tips to ensure your dark furniture does not make your space look dull:

  • Incorporate plenty of light sources such as windows for natural light, lamps, and overhead lighting.
  • Mirrors and light-coloured accessories can also help reflect light and brighten up the space.
  • Use some floral drapery to add a radiant glow to your space.
  • Have a white-walled background to bring out contrast from dark furniture.
  • Avoid a dark ceiling.
  • Add some greenery and flowers. Plants are a great way to make a space feel bigger.
  • Add texture. Use rugs and textured chairs to create depth in the space.


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