When looking for blooms for your whimsical wildflower garden, opt for these indigenous plants to give your design a bit of South African-inspired flair.

Scabiosa africana

Found along mountainsides in the Western Cape, Scabiosa africana is a wonderful indigenous plant with adorable mauve flowers and bright green leaves. Tolerant of many climates and conditions, these plants grow across the country without fuss and push up carpets of blooms from spring to summer. Paired with another indigenous Pincushion, Scabiosa incisa, they put on a stunning purple display.

Watsonia spp.

Native to Southern Africa, Watsonia is a large genus containing more than 50 species of bright plants with upright spiked blooms. They are not usually the first plants to reach for in a nursery, eclipsed by more popular native plants, but their low-maintenance and hardy nature make them deserving of a spot in any South African garden. Flowers come in pink, white, red, and fiery orange, giving you plenty of range for any design.

Geranium incanum

Largely found in the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa, Geranium incanum is a gorgeous wildflower producing masses of bright pinkish-purple blooms throughout spring and into early summer. Also known as Carpet Geranium is incredibly easy to grow, tolerating a wide range of conditions. They also have medicinal properties and attract many pollinators, including beloved bees. 

Featured image: Benjamin le Roux via Unsplash