Adding colour to your garden is a creative effort. There are ways for you to add that much-needed sense of warmth with colour to your winter garden.

It’s a time of quiet respite for most summer blooms and your garden is in need of that some colour. The dry season may seem dull and your garden loses its warmth and charm. You might be dying to see some colour and life in your garden, but are not sure how to achieve this. Here’s how.

Paint a feature wall

There are many ways in which you can employ colour in your winter garden. To enjoy a beautiful array of colours in your garden, try painting a feature wall in your garden. This is the fastest and easiest way to add a pop of colour to your backyard.

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Terracotta pots

Make use of colourful pots to add a burst of colour to your winter grows. Their style and design boast an antique feel and will bring that much-needed warmth to your winter garden.

Shop these pots online, they are affordable and easy to get ahold of.

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Planting winter flowers

Winter flowering plants win the day as seasonal blooms deliver a display of bright, warm colour through your garden. Planting pastels can add a soft layer of colour to the garden.

Do not get discouraged in the absence of winter flowering plants as shades of green and gold can also add to the colourful winter garden. Planting evergreens which showcase different shades of green and some with leaves turning red are a brilliant sight to behold in the winter months. 

Grow Erythrina Caffra (Coral Tree) for its beautiful canopy of bright red flowers. Plants with colourful stems and foliage are best in winter as they offer that coveted colour to your winter garden.

Colourful winter garden

Camellia Japonica
Image credit: Unsplash

Camellia Japonica is a great addition as it produces brightly coloured flowers in red, pink or white all through winter.

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Featured image: Unsplash