There are numerous reasons why homeowners want their spaces to be filled with lots of natural light. Not only is it eye-catching, making the space brighter and the decor pop, a naturally lighter home simply makes you feel more rejuvenated and relaxed. That’s right, the serotonin boost that you get from soaking in the sunshine while you’re laid back on the sofa or bed just can’t be beaten. The amount of natural light in your space can be increased in a number of ways by adding:


Sliding Patio Doors

Opting for glass sliding patio doors in areas such as the kitchen, living room and even your bedroom, will automatically give the space a boost of natural light. Since your door won’t always be open, be sure to choose a design that works well in your space.

Glass Doors

While we’re on the topic of doors, why not add a glass one to your entryway? Not only will this create more natural light, but it will also open up your space. If linking two parts of your home is something that you’re trying to do, why not consider a glass wall in a corridor instead of a traditional brick one?

White Paint

When we say ʻadd white paint’ we mean, specifically in your kitchen. A reflective colour, white will immediately make your kitchen look, and feel, bigger and brighter than it is. You don’t have to stop at just a coat of white paint though, having your flooring and kitchen accessories in the bright hue will also help you to create the sense of natural light. Just be sure that you choose the right shade of white for your space as it can feel differently to what you intended it to, depending on both your space as well as the possible tint in the paint.

Panelled Walls

If you’re able to, replace a solid internal wall with glazed panels. Doing this will still divide your space as you want, but won’t block any natural light from streaming into the space.

Lighter Flooring

Because darker colours absorb light, it stands to reason that darker coloured floors will make a space look smaller. Having light-coloured flooring in your home will reflect the natural light that your space gets and increase it. We know that white floors may not be up everyone’s alley, and that’s no problem, as lighter grey floors work well, too. No matter which colour you decide on, try to get something that has a polished finish.