Marie Kondo is the queen of organising, having published four books on the topic and has acquired a strong online following thanks to her clever ideas.

When her new show, “Tidying up” hit Netflix earlier this year, people around the world went into a decluttering frenzy, trying to embrace her manifesto of only keeping what “sparks joy”. If you’re considering giving your home a good tidy, here are four Marie Kondo inspired decluttering tips to try.

1.Go room by room

Spend a day or two tackling each room in your home so that tidying the whole house is not a huge daunting task. Pull out everything from drawers and cupboards and decide what to keep and what to toss.

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2. Donate unwanted items

There are always people in need, so donate as much as possible. Organisations such as The Salvation Army will send a truck to your house to collect everything from old furniture to kitchenware. Local libraries and children’s homes will appreciate books and toys. H&M stores also offer a discount on your shopping if you donate clothing.

Marie Kondo inspired decluttering tips - SA Garden and Home - office organisation
3. Invest in smart storage solutions

For the items you want to keep, make sure everything has a place. Marie Kondo recommends using small boxes in drawers to store items in designated categories.

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4. Maintain a clutter-free life

Clutter builds up quickly. After going through all the steps, give some thought to the items coming into your home. Deal with papers and post as soon as you get them and switch to digital mail to prevent them piling up. When shopping, purchase with conscious intention. Consider what you need and whether it will have a place in your home. Everything around you should serve a purpose and make you happy.

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