Decor ideas: Scullery Inspiration

Although it’s meant to be practical, the scullery can also look attractive. We’ve rounded up some ideas for this hardworking area.

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scullery inspiration - clever decor

As the kitchen and scullery in this Durban home were both small, Lieze Aspeling of Country Kitchens came up with the nifty idea of turning a small alcove next to the fridge to house into a pull-out pantry cupboard.

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In this scullery, interior designer Celeste Bushnell included a table and chairs so that prep work can be done in comfort. Timber doors conceal storage space and patterned tiles add style and pattern to an area used primarily for doing dishes and laundry.

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scullery inspiration 03   

To give this scullery a clean minimalist look, Mod Life Kitchens included storage space with a roll down door behind which laundry detergents can be hidden. The result, countertops that are always neat and tidy.

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scullery inspiration

To hide the drying rack in this small scullery area, Nicky Fraser of Frasers Interiors installed it in a cabinet above the sink. As it’s open at the bottom, dishes can drip directly into the sink.

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As the scullery area in this compact kitchen could be seen from the living area, Debbie Steinhobel of Olàlà! Interiors screened if off with timber paneling. The slats let light through and also allow for the person doing the dishes to be part of the kitchen activities.