Choosing the perfect kitchen style: Modern

“The visual simplicity of a modern, clean-lined kitchen belies a host of highly practical features,” says Philip Richards, brand manager of blu_line kitchens, which designed and installed this contemporary kitchen

“Even though the rest of a home may be more classical or traditional in style, the demand for a pared-down multifunctional kitchen is growing.”

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Keep it simple and focused on functionality

“Sleek kitchens, like the one featured here, are dependent on a lack of visual clutter – think cupboards without handles and integrated fridges and freezers that are hidden behind closed doors. By stacking appliances such as convection ovens on top of each other when incorporating them into the wall units, you’ll save space and create a more cohesive look.

“To achieve that ‘less is more’ feeling without compromising functionality, create dedicated zones for each activity. For instance, the cooking area should have generous pot drawers, cutlery dividers and spice storage within easy reach. The prep zone should have its own cutlery drawers, as well as quick access to vegetable storage.”

Create interest by choosing the correct colour palette

“The most sought-after shades right now are architectural greys. However, to prevent pared-down kitchens from looking too cold, it’s important to add interest by incorporating different textures and finishes.

“Here we combined high-gloss lacquer cupboards with both rough and smooth timber veneers on the central island. The earthy colour of the Caesarstone Shitake countertops adds a hint of warmth, and the custom extractor is clad in matt charcoal glass with a clear glass trim. Playing with different surface levels and counter thicknesses also adds a strong visual element, and modern taps are a must.”

Points to consider

  • Bear in mind that high-gloss units tend to show fingerprints.
  • Stainless steel kickplates can scratch, but the marks can be buffed out.
  • While this style tends not to mix well with very traditional accessories, it combines wonderfully with modern accents such as rough-hewn timber tables.
  • As they save energy and are safe to use, induction appliances are a practical choice.

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