Three fabric trends we love

Guest blogger Belinda Fourie highlights her favourites from the latest Home Fabrics trend roundup

Home Fabrics hosted the presentation of Osborne & Little’s Spring 2016 collection as part of their trend talk at David Muirhead’s Fine Living in Parkmore, Jo’burg.

Their trend specialist, Garth Wastie, grouped new looks under three different time periods – The French Revolution, the 1900’s and The New Look 1947.


This trend is inspired by the exaggerated clothing of what Wastie calls the male dandies and female divas of that period. Ornate designs of gardens, medallions and relics come to life on luxurious fabrics.

DG-Christian-Lacroix-Bagatelle DG-Christian-Lacroix-Bagatelle-wallpaper

Designer’s Guild Christian Lacroix Bagatelle wallpaper

DG-Christian-Lacroix-Cile-Liberte DG-Christian-Lacroix-Cocarde
Designer’s Guild Christian Lacroix Cile Liberte | Designer’s Guild Christian Lacroix Cocarde


This period includes various architectural and art movements such as Art Deco, Cubism, Modernism and Bauhaus. Motifs are non-floral and geometric or organically inspired and stylised.

Designers-Guild-Colonnade-Mansart Designers-Guild-Marquisette-Chaconne

Designer’s Guild Colonnade Mansart | Designer’s Guild Marquisette Chaconne

OL-Aradonis-Lorca-Dolenia OL-Fantasque-Fantasque

Osborne & Little Aradonis Lorca | Osborne & Little Fantasque

OL-Margot-Selby-Ragtime OL-Metallico-Vinyls
Osborne & Little Margot Selby Ragtime | Osborne & Little Metallico Vinyls


The trend combines colours from the first and second movements, and adds a feminine touch. It’s inspired by Dior’s use of flower shapes in clothing and flowers and petals in fabric designs.

Designers-Guild-Couture-Rose-Paysage DG-Christian-Lacroix-Josephine

Designer’s Guild Couture Rose Paysage | Designer’s Guild Christian Lacroix Josephine

OL-Sea-Breeze OL-Hespera-Velvets
Osborne & Little Sea Breeze | Osborne & Little Hespera Velvets

Although these gorgeous fabrics were part of the spring collection they work perfectly in all seasons.