8 Clever storage ideas

We delve into Garden and Home’s image galleries to find some stylish storage ideas 

1. If you have the space, an armoire in your dining area is perfect for all your crockery, serving ware and platters, especially if they’re large or awkwardly shaped.

2. The ideal solution for a large wall, built-in shelves can store a myriad of items, from collectables to books.

3. Planning an open-plan kitchen and living area? Then an island is a must – it separates the kitchen from the living room, plus it provides much-needed storage and work space.

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4. An ottoman at the foot of your bed is not only a practical seat, it can provide hidden storage for extra blankets or pillows.

5. If the design of your bed allows it, stash some storage baskets underneath for smalls such as slippers, belts or handbags.

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6. When on the hunt for a new coffee table, choose one with a shelf underneath so you can keep books or magazines there.

7. Running out of drawer or cupboard space for pans? Simply upcycle an old ladder into a hanging pot rack.

8. Open shelves are a great alternative to wall-mounted cabinets, especially in a small kitchen that will look too cluttered with more cupboards. Display your favourite collectables, family photos or books on them.

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