Tips for throwing a glam drinks party

Events Planner Marc Hirschowitz of Conceptspark shares some creative ideas for hosting a bohemian cocktail party complete with a self-service bar


For this rose-themed cocktail party, events planner Marc Hirschowitz of Conceptspark filled the fountain in his garden with ice. “I call this look a Bohemian bar; it’s essentially a self-service arrangement using colour and texture to create interest.”

An adjacent drinks table is draped in a plum-coloured velvet damask. “The bordello look is all about a rich red palette and masses of home-grown roses which add a sense of extravagance and festivity.” Marc added crystal vases and a variety of coloured glasses that shimmer in the candlelight. “Antique silver trays always add a special touch. I group the glasses in twos, fours or sixes to create a more dramatic effect.”

For a cocktail party, Marc suggests an easy-to-eat menu that allows guests to hold a glass. “I would prepare a fantastic selection of sweet and savoury canapés; my cookbook Savour (Struik Lifestyle) has wonderful ideas for dips and easy snacks. When it comes to keeping your party stress-free, have everything set out before your guests arrive. A welcome cocktail is always a good icebreaker and make sure that you’ve arranged lifts or a taxi service to get your guests home safely.”