Create a chic, self-service drinks table

When hosting a party, one way to take the pressure off is to set up an inviting drinks table so that guests are encouraged to help themselves

People tend to mingle around the drinks table while helping themselves, so I like to make it a talking point,” says Dané Erwee of bespoke events company OKASIE.

Here, he’s opted for a naturally glamorous look with a fresh green and pink colour scheme. To create an element of surprise, Dané contrasted the earthy texture of the ornate raw wood table with the lustre of crystal and glassware, and covered the candelabra with moss and flowers. “This is easily done with fishing gut but remember to keep the moss moist,” he says.


1. Pick the right spot to set up your drinks table. You need to ensure there’s enough room for your guests to move comfortably around it and, ideally, that it can be accessed from all angles. For this reason, a round table is a good option.Table

2. Use different levels to instantly add interest to a display. Add a candelabra and use upside down glass vases as plinths. Group your glasses in a tower for a dramatic look; don’t make it too precarious as you don’t want them to fall and break.

different levels

TIP: Many bottle stores hire out glasses at a minimal cost.

3. Add some glitz with crystal and glassware. Flickering candles will bring out their sparkle and add to the overall ambience of your party.

Candle holder

4. Let the flowers do the talking. “Mix contrasting flowers and textures and use a lot of white for glamour. Blooms like lilies, orchids and amaryllis are associated with the festive season so use them in abundance,” says Dané. Here, he’s teamed them with trailing granadilla flowers, violets, carnations, delphiniums and irises.


5. Keep champagne or bottles of white wine chilled in glass or crystal containers. Place them on a bed of ice decorated with flowers, or freeze some edible flowers into your ice cubes.

crystal containers