Eclectic alfresco table setting

Enhancing the natural splendour of the outdoors, Janette Smit, owner of homeware and gifting store Spaza Gabor, puts together an outdoor table setting that’s perfect for a hot summer’s evening


“I love coloured glass and combining different colours in a table setting,” says Janette Smit, owner of homeware and gifting store Spaza Gabor in Kyalami, Jo’burg. “I chose blues and greens as they look glamorous, but create a cool effect which is ideal on a hot summer’s evening.”


A shady tree outside the Smits’ kitchen provided the perfect setting and a useful branch from which to hang glass lanterns. To create the rustic, organic look she’s known for, Janette selected wooden ornaments and fresh fruit and vegetables such as lemons, artichokes, brinjals and butternuts which her good friend, well-known restaurateur and stylist Errol Gobey of Bellgables Country Restaurant, turned into opulent arrangements. “The wooden ornaments can be used for any occasion and just by using different fresh produce you can change the look. And don’t skimp on candles. Use as many candleholders as you can comfortably fit on the table.”


Janette’s table decor tips:

  • To fill up table arrangements, mix fake greenery with genuine foliage. The real stuff makes the fake look authentic.
  • If you’re using fruit like lemons and apples in a centrepiece, first insert a wooden skewer into them and then place in the arrangement.
  • Look at what you have in a new way. For instance, this candleholder was used to display artichokes as well as candles.
  • You don’t need expensive crockery. My green plates bought some years ago from Mr Price Home look perfect in the mix.