Unique bookshelves to make your home stand out

Looking for some book storage inspiration? Store your books stylishly with these interesting and unique bookshelves. 

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If you’re an avid reader there’s no doubt you’ve been faced with the problem of a towering pile of books or the dilemma of where to squeeze in more shelves. These interesting and creative solutions will help clear the clutter and are a stylish and unique way to store your books.

1. A shelf above the door

Bookshelves above a door (for pretty books you don’t plan on referring to often) add the perfect bit of atmosphere to an entrance.
interesting and unique bookshelves

 Via apartmenttherapy.com

2. A bell jar or birdcage

For an eye-catching display put some of your quaintest looking volumes under a large bell jar. Equally stunning is to put them inside an ornate birdcage. Consider it almost like a book terrarium.

unique book storage for your home 
Via domythicbliss.blogspot.com and digsdigs.com

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3. Floating bookshelves

Fancy a little DIY? Try these invisible shelves for the ultimate in minimalism. Floating bookshelves are great for small spaces and add dimension to a room.

unique bookshelves floating shelves Via manmadediy.com

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4. Revolving shelves

This is perfect for an odd corner and can even be a focal point. You can even arrange each half of the unit differently and revolve it for a fresh look.

 Via amazainginteriordesign.com

5. Corner shelves

Another great idea to spruce up a corner is to install kiddies-book shelves. They’ll work perfectly with graphic novels or interspersed with art.

 Via sunshineontheinside.blogspot.com

6. Shelves in a half-wall

Here’s another great way to make use of a potentially wasted space – books at the end of a staircase, or in any other half-wall.

 Via jonag.typepad.com

7. Bookshelf stairs

Turning your staircase into a book tunnel gives your home a great old-world library feel. This cinematic and creative space is a favourite on this list of unique bookshelves.

unique bookshelves - book storage Via homeinteriorszone.com