Blooming marvelous

Thought you could only use a small-scale print in a compact space? Think again says interior designer and stylist Jess Latimer, who gave this Cape bedroom a wow factor by working with the existing bold floral wallpaper

Wallpaper with metallic finish

Pattern can trick the eye by making an awkward room appear to have more pleasing proportions. Consider how vertical stripes can ‘raise’ a low ceiling, while running them horizontally will make a narrow space seem wider. Yet despite this, we tend to shy away from using a bold pattern in a small space for fear that’ll it’ll be too overpowering.

Jess dispelled this myth when she decorated this compact Cape bedroom to complement the statement wallpaper used on all four walls. “This wallpaper works so well because of its restful neutral tones; it also has a metallic finish that gives it a reflective quality,” Jess explains. “This creates depth and bounces light back into the room making it feel bigger and brighter – an effect that’s enhanced by the mirrors I’ve hung over the bedside tables.”

Bedside table

The complementary tones of the plain fabrics chosen for the upholstery on the bed and occasional chair also help to keep the look calm rather than chaotic.

Relaxing chair

Other space-enhancing ideas to steal from this room:

  • Consider the ‘visual weight’ of the furniture you choose. As you can see through their open shelves, these bedside pedestals make the room appear to be more open and airy.
  • Use white accents to create a visual break from a busy pattern. “The white bedding, curtains and bedside pedestals in this bedroom stop the wallpaper from feeling overwhelming,” says Jess.