Decluttering is more than just getting rid of a few things from the dusty back part of a cupboard. Clutter-clearing, whether it’s in your wardrobe, garage or make-up drawer, helps us create order. In short, getting control of your stuff makes you feel more in control of your life, and helps bring about a sense of inner calm.


Expert tips on wardrobe decluttering and styling 

Vintage with Love co-founder Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly’s tips:

1. It’s a two-step

Decluttering is a two-step process: Sort what you’d like to throw out first, and organise later. Don’t try and do both at once.

2. Stay focused

Focus on what you want to keep, rather than what you want to discard. It’s subtle, but it works!

3. Organised clearing

Start three piles: keep, donate, and maybe.

4. Beware of hard to use items

Some items hold great promise when you buy them, but then prove to take a lot of effort before you can use them. Don’t keep difficult clothes that need pressing before you wear them or that need special underwear. They end up not being used, which makes us feel guilty, and they contribute to clutter.

5. If you have multiples, pare them down

It’s easy for a cupboard to get crowded, so curate your wardrobe by thinking carefully about what you want to keep. So you love white shirts? Toss the grey ones and the ones you haven’t worn for ages.

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Actress, presenter and author Leandie Du Randt’s tips:

1. If you go shopping now will you buy the item again?

This tip is as simple as what it sounds. If you go through each item in your cupboard and you wouldn’t spend money on it at this moment in your life, it needs to go.

2. Does it spark joy? #konmarimethod

I haven’t read the Marie Kondo book yet, but one of my good friends told me about this method last year when I went through a divorce. She said the best thing I can do for myself is to get rid of anything in my house, including clothes, that doesn’t spark joy within me when I see, touch or wear it. If it holds a bad memory or sparks a bad attitude or feeling, chuck it.

3. Have you worn it the past six months?

I say six months because then you at least have a bit of all the seasons to make a realistic judgement of whether you could have worn an item or not. But if it’s been six months and that item hasn’t been put on your body, you really need to let it go.

4. Cupboard display

Take time each season to tidy up your wardrobe, and arrange the clothes in ways that make you happy when you open your closet. Pretend that it will be on display for the world to see every day. This will make it easier to find stuff and help you look forward to picking out what to wear on a daily basis.

5. Chuck the old ‘YOU’

I realised this while going through a divorce. You have to chuck the clothes that represents the old ‘YOU’. Get rid of clothes that make you sad or hold negative memories. Reinvent yourself and your style in this new phase of your life – you owe it to yourself.

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