Ideas for home offices

More and more people are finding working from home to be the solution to maintaining that tricky life balance. This necessitates spaces that are as attractive as they are functional. Here are four home offices that tick both boxes.

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A generous set of shelves allows for both storage and display areas in this organised home office. Storage boxes hide untidy bits and bobs, and artwork, ornaments and framed photographs add personal touches, creating a cosy feel. A palette of blue, green and white creates a serene environment for knuckling down to work.


Home office 1 -- home offices

The combination of raw wood, black and white creates a trendy colour scheme for this home office, which is part of a guest room. The set of vintage wooden drawers helps to keep paperwork organised and the shelves provide space for a collection of knick-knacks, which give the area a decorated feel that fits in with the rest of the room ensuring that guests don’t feel like they’re sleeping on the job.

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Home office 2

Built-in furniture can be a boon when it comes to making the most of every last centimetre of available space, as can be seen in this teen’s bedroom. The clever, compact design of this study area features both a desk for doing homework and a daybed to relax on or for when friends stay over. The unit was made up by Spotlight Kitchens, the chair is from Sean Williams Contracts and the decor’s by 89 Interior Design.

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Home office 3

The design team at Union 3 cleverly transformed this wasted space in a passage into a workspace that can accommodate three people quite comfortably. Each work station has a plug point for a laptop and there’s plenty of built-in storage to keep things tidy. The wooden countertop and white chairs fit in with the rest of the home’s design, ensuring that the office blends in. Baskets on wheels can be filled with supplies for convenience and then neatly stashed out of the way when not in use.