As technology is constantly improving, working from home is no longer a dream but a reality

It does however provide challenges such as keeping motivated and balancing work and family. The answer is a work area that both inspires you to do great things and calms you at the same time.

If you are working from home, it’s important to prevent your work space from overflowing into the living area and vice versa especially if you have children. It’s essential to create an area that will stimulate productivity and concentration. To help you Dulux has developed the beautiful “Working Home” colour palette with suggested colours and colour combinations.

Establish a work space

Firstly designate a specific area. Don’t just work wherever you find yourself. Choose an area in your home, clear it out and make it yours. Then paint it a colour that is both calming and aids concentration. Dulux has a number of different options like this deep charcoal blue.

Colour it

If your work space has to do double duty such as being a dining area after dark use a combination of colours that are appropriate for both work and play. One idea is to create the effect of wainscoting by painting the lower half in one colour and the upper section in another. This will take you from laptop to dinner party.

In open plan areas use patterns or colour blocks to define your work space. These could be circles or geometrics painted in a contrasting colour or fun elements like a perpetual calendar on a wall.

Choosing the right colours

Dulux’s new colour palette for 2017 has a range of calming tones that help you focus and concentrate. Also included are bright, vibrant colours that stimulate energy. So no matter which room in your home you’re working in, Dulux has the perfect colour scheme.