Our need for balance and a closer connection to nature drives our colour cravings. This is why earthy tones are so on-trend these days. Let your personality shine by choosing colours that speak to you for a home that’s unique.

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colour trends - terracotta

Meaning ‘baked earth’, terracotta is neutral enough to work with a range of colours. It’s associated with a nurturing atmosphere and is linked to creativity and motivation. Accompany it with pink for a warm comforting palette. Add a touch of mustard for a sense of energy. Combine it with richly textured materials like warm woods, sisal, wool and velvet which enhance it. Cool it down by using green or blue.



summer colour trends - pink

Millennial Pink is a fun-loving and carefree colour that’s not going anywhere. According to colour psychology, pink energy relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. It also gives a healthy glow to complexions, making it ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Add a touch of modern romance by combining geometric patterns in shades of pink. Prevent the overly-feminine look by combining pink patterns with solid neutrals.


summer colour trends - green

Green is an easy colour to live with because it reflects the environment. A green scheme helps restore balance and provides a refreshing retreat that can help you feel grounded. Take cues from nature and combine it with shades of sand and stone. Note that not all greens have a tranquil effect. Sage and jade are calming while apple green is more energising.


Mustard or Gen-Z Yellow, as it’s now called, has been dominating our social media pages with its positive and attention-grabbing nature. In colour psychology, yellow is an uplifting colour that brings feelings of hope, and adds cheerfulness to a room. Create a monochromatic harmony with tints and tones of the same colour, using shades of yellow and warm neutrals. Tone down the scheme’s warmth by adding grey-green. Mustard is also great as an uplifting accent colour that adds a bit of sunshine to a dull environment. As it stimulates the brain, avoid using yellow in rooms where you need to relax, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Please note variations in actual colour paint may occur. Due to the effect of light, colours are reflected as accurately as the print process allows.