Decorating with texture

From chunky knits and woven rugs to accents of leather and velvet, texture adds depth and interest to your home. 

1. Knit one, purl one

Crafts are making a comeback with woven and knitted textures equally at home in classical and contemporary spaces. Outsized cable stitches have a homey familiarity, creating a tactile counterpoint to more structured geometric forms. Whether it’s wool, on-trend mohair, man-made fibres or metal detailing, repeating a woven motif adds visual interest, especially in monochromatic spaces.

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2. Well layered

Create a cosy family room by layering feel-good fabrics in an earthy mix of charcoal and gold. Begin with neutral basics, such as a linen sofa and painted cupboard, then up the ante on comfort and luxury with patterned scatters, soft embroidered throws and hand-painted ceramics.

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3. A soft touch

Luxuriously tactile fabrics like velvet and suede are the perfect partner to soft-edged, casual seating. Flop down in an oversized chair or ottoman in jewel tones, and keep things toasty with a sleek wall-mounted fireplace. Choosing circular-shaped furniture and accessories adds a modern spin.

4. Animal magic

Combining several different textures is a very effective way to add depth, warmth and visual interest to your space. Leather upholstery has a beautiful natural patina and tends to age well, while game skin carpets add a subtle, luxurious sheen. Mix it up with bold metal accents and plenty of velvet.

5. The beauty’s in the wood

If it’s longevity and natural warmth you’re after, well-made timber furniture is the way to go. Set the tone with some retro Scandi pieces and soften the look with a shaggy rug that’s pure Austin Powers.

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