Here are three ways to refresh your home for free.

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With a few simple swaps, a lick of leftover paint and little elbow grease, you can refresh your home without spending a cent.

1. Update your private art gallery

While you can’t go to art galleries in person during the lockdown, you can create or update your own gallery wall with art, prints and photos.

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Consider using the frames you have to create a gallery wall if you don’t have one or create a temporary one using decorative tape.

If you already have a gallery wall, update it by changing the pictures. If you don’t have artwork to swap, make your own, use your kids’ art, saved holiday postcards, cards or photographs from your family photo albums.

Have a little leftover paint or sample paint? You could also try painting the frames a new hue.

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Dress up the couch

Throwing a large quilt or throw over an old couch is an easy update a tired-looking living room. But, even if you have a new couch, placing a folded throw over the back of the sofa is a great way to layer textures while adding a punch of colour or pattern.

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You could also switch scatter cushion covers or if you enjoy sewing and have plain scatter cushions, add embellishments with patchwork or embroidery for a one-of-a-kind update.

3. Decorate with books

Give your bookcases a polished look by packing books by colour, creating a colour-blocking rainbow, or take the covers off hardcover books for a soft muted look.

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Another idea is to wrap books with pretty leftover wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper.

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