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Decorating with floor lamps

Last updated on 22 May 2019

Whether you call them standing lamps, standard lamps or floor lamps, these decorative lights are big news at the moment

In addition to providing general lighting and task lighting for reading, floor lamps add a strong graphic element to a room and can be used as focal points and practical sculptures depending on the design you choose. If your sofa and chairs are all more or less the same height, bringing in a standing lamp breaks the horizontal lines, making the room look more interesting.

While the obvious route is to choose a lamp that fits in with the style of your room, you can also shake things up by placing a modern design in a traditional room or a vintage lamp in a contemporary interior.

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1. Overscaling can be very effective in a small space. In this apartment a tall, adjustable floor lamp draws the eye upwards creating the illusion of space and takes up very little space in the corner.

Decorating with floor lamps

2. A large arching lamp adds a dramatic touch to this TV room. It gives the same light as a ceiling fixture and can be used for reading as well. Decor by Taylor’d Interiors.

Decorating with floor lamps

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3. This brass standing lamp breaks the height of the surrounding furniture and makes an interesting contrast to the classic furniture. Decor by Studio Dylan Thomaz.

Decorating with floor lamps

4. The bold design of this tripod lamp complements the strong shapes of the armchairs and scale of the artwork. Decor by Robin Widdop Interiors.

Decorating with floor lamps

5. Meyer von Wielligh’s Leaf lamp makes a sculptural statement in this contemporary beach house. Decor by Robin Widdop Interiors.

Decorating with floor lamps

6. Taking the place of a conventional table lamp, this standing example is both practical and decorative and enhances the monochrome scheme.

Decorating with floor lamps


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Meyer von Wielligh

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