As summer arrives and the heat picks up, all we want to do is open our doors and windows wide to embrace the breeze and enjoy colourful garden views.

With the danger of intruders, as well as the annoying buzz of insects and pests, this is where our product of the week comes in.

Trellidor Clear Guard is a see-through security barrier custom-made to fit any point of entry to your home. Specifically engineered as a protective barrier against intruders, the screen’s strength is comparable to Trellidor retractable security gates. This means that you can enjoy summer at its best without the fear of criminals. It does not replace existing windows or doors, but is an unobtrusive system designed to match their operation and work alongside them.

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Trellidor Clear Guard - Product of the week

Made from an industrial grade woven stainless steel mesh panel with an aluminium frame, Trellidor Clear Guard is custom-made to suit your home and is fitted with locks that can be given the same key number on all the installed units at your request.

You can enjoy stunning outdoor views while remaining protected from animals, insects and home invaders, making it ideal for eco-estates, game lodges and holiday homes. The mesh screen also filters out the sun’s harsh UV rays, helping to moderate the temperature inside your home.

Cost: As Trellidor Clear Guard is custom-made to fit specific requirements, there is no standard price.

Available at: All authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide.

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