Plascon has announced its 2nd annual Colour Combination of the Year, comprising a trio of related colours designed to reflect the mood of 2023. Intended to bring joy back home with a harmony of hues, the Plascon Colour Combination 2023 is all about capturing simple joie de vivre. With a meticulously selected, sun-drenched palette that casts a radiant glow, Plascon is taking us to a place that, although familiar, feels energising.

Plascon has drawn on extensive research into directional developments in regional interiors, architecture, product design and fashion to present these three colours instead of a single ‘Colour of the Year’ as it did previously. In 2022, Plascon became the first coatings company in the local industry to present a Colour Combination of the Year and has continued this new approach for 2023.

Its rationale for choosing three colours instead of merely one is based on the industry practice of a 60-30-10 design scheme. This scheme suggests that 60% of space should consist of a dominant colour, 30% a secondary colour, and 10% an accent colour. In structuring the colour combination in these ratios, Plascon makes it easier for architects, interior design and decor professionals, and public members to adopt this approach and tastefully achieve a well-considered look.

2023 interior design trend

For the Plascon Colour Combination 2023, the colour representing the largest portion of the ratio at 60% is Plascon Fun in the Sun (Y1-A2-1) — an uplifting, light hue with a balanced red-yellow undertone that lends a warm, fresh feel. The neutral tone offers a beautiful, glowing backdrop for the remaining two colours in the combination.

Making up 30% of the combo is Plascon Sunkissed (Y3-A1-2). This softly shaded, glowing yellow is more saturated and radiant than Plascon Fun in the Sun (Y1-A2-1), yet still natural and versatile enough to bring a touch of sunshine into any space.

Completing the harmonious trio of nature-inspired colours is the Plascon Safari Sun (O7-C1-1), the final 10% of the ratio. Rich and grounding, this warming brown anchor the two lighter and fresher hues and brings a deeper earthen note to spaces.

Together these three colours emulate the glowing majesty of an African sunset and hazy sun-drenched afternoons in the bushveld, capturing different stages of light and warmth in our unique landscape. These specific colour choices keep with Plascon’s sensitivity to the context of its brand and desire to reflect the way of life here in Africa instead of simply following trends that emerge in Europe or America. With this thoughtfully selected palette of yellows frequently associated with feelings of happiness and optimism, Plascon sets the tone for 2023, where we find joy in the charm of our surroundings, family and the simple warmth of the sun.

2023 interior design trend

For free advice on using the Plascon Colour Combination 2023 or any other Plascon colours, please get in touch with the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: [email protected]. Please note that printed colours may vary from the actual Plascon paint colour. Sample actual paint colour in Tester Pots to make your final selection. For more information visit



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