Smart ideas for small spaces

Decorating a small interior doesn’t mean compromising style or functionality. Digital content specialist Jade Brennan received some great expert tips for making the most of your small space

Furniture can make or break a room. Homewood SA, manufacturer of hardwood furniture, recommends that you don’t go for small pieces of furniture. One statement piece can actually make small spaces look larger.

In addition to this, opt for multifunctional pieces. Drawers in a dining room table mean that you don’t need a server and you can also use it as a desk.

Wooden pieces can be used to offset colours and make small spaces appear bigger. If you have dark walls, use light wood furniture pieces and if you have light walls, style your home with darker wood.

Homewood desk
Use multifunctional pieces, like this coffee table, Homewood, R12 000, which also has drawers for storage.


Improve your small space by focusing on storage, like installing shelves. For small bathrooms install shelving above the loo and above the door, says Kimberley O’Sullivan, writer of The Good Girls Guide blog. Vertical wine racks in the kitchen open up counter space and double stacking your washing machine/dryer adds to the floor space.

Clutter makes a small space seem even smaller. Solve this problem by giving each member of the household a dedicated mess basket to hide their clutter.
Basket and shelf
Clear up clutter with baskets like this one from Mr Price Home or add floating shelves for more storage space, like this one from @Home.


Fashionista Jasna Zellerhof of FashionJazz suggests that you divide a small space into two sections by adding a shelf divider to the room. Store pretty books, shoes, perfumes etc. on the shelves. This will not only showcase your style but it’s functional too. Make one part a separate lounge or reading area and the other a dining room space.

Store pretty trinkets on shelves to showcase your style. All from Hello Pretty.

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