Timeless trend: modern decor

Industrial-style furniture is still big, says Sumari Krige of La Grange Interiors, who’s a trendsetter when it comes to modern design

Modern living room  

“A fusion of styles and materials and items with softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural colour schemes with subtle accents is a look that always works,” she says.Lamp

Sumari’s palette of black and elemental greys with pops of vintage colours like amber, pale gold and saffron fuses industrial-style design with touches of contemporary country. To create a lived-in, welcoming look, she mixed retro smoked oak and metal furniture, a rebooted rug and a sofa slipcovered in natural linen. “I love the strong contrast that layering hard and soft materials creates, while a muted palette allows individual pieces to shine,” she says.bulb vases

As the palette is quite neutral, Sumari used geometric patterns on scatters as focal points and oversized bulb vases. “The giant metal pendant lamps and metal-framed marble coffee table intensify the industrial style,” she adds.