Timeless trend: The right mix

“I love a comfortable, light environment to live in that doesn’t feel like a museum,” explains Pim Verdoorn, co-owner and designer at Leon CCXIXThe right mix

Mixing the old with the new, combining colour palettes and experimenting with texture is a look that never fades. To illustrate this trend Pim used her beloved Hermes silk scarves as her starting point. She’s collected them for years and they have a sentimental value. Simply by turning them into scatter cushions she demonstrated how to update a room using items you already own. “It’s important to create an atmosphere that is distinctly yours,” she says. Traditional furniture is given a modern edge with a mix of delicate silks, sumptuous linens and plush velvet pieces used in jewel and stone hues. And Pim’s advice for putting together your very own comfortable mix at home? “Let your personality shine through and don’t play by the rules!”