Instead of putting your weeds in a composting bin, have you considered the ‘chop and drop’ or instant compost method?

Here’s why

When clearing your beds for new grows and preparing your soil, it makes sense to use the cleared weeds and greens and simply splay them over the soil.

These weeds are full of nutrients which feed the soil and enable it to stay in top condition for growing new plants at the start of the season.

Apply this method of using fresh leaves and weeds to enrich the soil as a substitute for traditional composting. These greens will break down faster and disappear into the soil providing your garden with the essential nutrients.


How to make instant compost with weeds

All you need to do is cut the ends of the weeds with garden scissors, leaving the roots in the ground. We’ll talk more about why later. 

Then you want to proceed to pile up these weeds and green together. And then, using a pair of hedge shears, begin chopping up the pile until you have a nice mixture finely chopped.

Next, gather your chopped instant compost and distribute evenly across the surface of the soil.

After this step is complete, you may want to add a layer of traditional compost over the surface, just for an extra bit of nutritious boost.

You can leave the instant compost to do its thing by covering the beds with cardboard or a black plastic sheet. Secure with rocks or wooden logs.

By the time the winter subsides to reveal the joy of springtime, your beds are ready for you to start planting those new grows. 

This is the time to start planting and get your garden going again after the winter months and the work of preparing beds in winter. 

The benefits

The purpose of instant compost lies in its ability to break down faster than normal compost. Thus, providing the soil with essential organic matter for a more productive garden.

Leaving your roots in the ground provides an essential food source for micro-organisms in the soil. These nutrients are fed back into the soil to promote plant growth. 

Also, note the fact that the weeds are likely to grow back, however, mulching can prevent this from happening at a faster rate, by reducing the speed at which weeds grow. 

Besides, as the weeds grow back, you can simply use them as a quick and easy instant compost in future.

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Featured image: Markus Spiske via Unsplash