Having a fern in your front parlour goes back to Victorian times when explorers started to bring unusual plants back to England from the tropics. Always popular plants, indoor ferns are now making a comeback in interior décor and are definitely attractive additions to the home.

Some of the better-known favourites are Maidenhair fern (Adiantum), delicate lacey leaves, Bird’s Nest fern (Asplenium nidus), glossy bright green fronds, and Ribbon fern (Pteris cretica), attractive variegated fronds.

How to care for indoor ferns


  • Although ferns are relatively easy to grow, they do have some non-negotiable requirements. They need to be protected from drafts, dry air and extreme temperatures. 
  • In their natural situation ferns thrive in dappled forest light, so they require a well-lit spot in your home with no direct sun which will burn their leaves.


  • Humidity is vital for ferns to thrive therefore your bathroom may be the best place for them. If your ferns are in other rooms, keep a plastic spray bottle of water at hand and spritz them daily in dry weather. You can also place the pot in a tray filled with stones and water which helps create humidity. 


  • Ferns do not like to dry out, therefore regular watering is important but take care not to overwater or leave the pot sitting in water. Water every 3 days in hot weather and once a week in winter.


  • Feed ferns every two weeks with a liquid fertiliser such as Kelpak®and regularly remove dead leaves. 

With a little extra care and attention, you will be rewarded by beautiful indoor plants that the Victorians would be proud of!



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