The zebra plant is a striking and beautiful but temperamental plant. If you are looking to brighten up your space, the zebra plant is the one to go with.

Picture of leaves from a plant called Aphelandra squarrosa (ZEBRA PLANT)

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Top tips to care for your zebra plant

This plant is the perfect choice for a houseplant. It pairs beautifully well with other colourful patterned plants. They do a good enough job of being the centre of attention in your room, with their beautiful stripped leaves. Although temperamental it can be cared for by providing the plant with what it needs.

Provide it with enough light

Remember to provide your zebra plants with good, bright, indirect light. Ensure that the spot you choose has the right angles for lighting. Try placing the plant close to east or west-facing windows, where it can receive gentle rays without being scorched by direct sunlight. Your plant will indicate when it needs more sunlight by fading its striped leaves.

Keep the humidity levels high

Remember to keep the humidity high for these jungle native plants. You can use a humidifier to maintain the right level of humidity or use a plant mister. Ensure that the soil remains consistently moist, but not soggy. Overwatering can lead to root rot and cause the leaves to drop.

Watch out for pests

The plant is generally low-maintenance but vulnerable to pests, particularly spider mites. Regularly washing and treating your plants with insecticidal soap can be helpful. Be sure to closely monitor your plants and promptly address any pests you may come across.

Feed your plant

For optimal results, use a liquid houseplant fertilizer. Remember to feed your plant once or twice every two weeks, particularly in the warmer months. Ensure the soil is damp before applying the fertilizer; never apply it to dry soil.

Zebra Plant blooming with the yellow flowers in spring

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Under the right conditions, your plants can produce multiple showy bright yellow flowers that can last up to 6 weeks.


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