When it comes to home decor in 2023, we’re going organic. We’re looking for hand-crafted items that add an artisanal touch to the home, soft on the eye and space.

The artisanal decor trend celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the artistry of the artisans who take the time to create these works of art. Here’s why and how to add a touch of the artisanal aesthetic to your home:

Why go artisanal?

The core of artisanal home decor is traditional craftsmanship.

This includes objects like hand-woven textiles, pottery, and handmade furniture. From hand-carved furniture to intricately woven textiles, each piece of artisanal decor should showcase the dedication and mastery of its skilled artisan.

One of the most remarkable aspects of artisanal home decor is also its ability to tell stories and preserve cultural traditions. By incorporating artisanal pieces into your home, you invite the world’s diverse cultures and histories to mingle with your living space.

Whether it’s a hand-painted ceramic vase from Morocco or a handwoven rug from Peru, each piece carries the soul of its maker and connects us to the wider world.

It’s also sustainable

Sustainable design is a key focus for 2023 and artisanal decor aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and ethical choices. Handcrafted items often prioritise the use of locally sourced materials, reducing carbon footprints and supporting local economies.

Choosing artisanal pieces over mass-produced alternatives contributes to a more sustainable future and fosters a greater appreciation for time-honoured traditions.


Here are some helpful tips & objects for incorporating artisanal home decor into your space:

Pick up little things here and there

Begin by introducing one or two artisanal pieces into your existing decor. This can be a handcrafted lamp, a woven wall hanging, a throw cushion, or a ceramic bowl.

Try: Medium Etosha Ceramic Bowl from Wonki Ware for R199.


Medium Etosha Wash Mixed Patterns


Cover the bases

Don’t be afraid to combine different artisanal styles and cultural influences. Experiment with contrasting textures, patterns, and materials to create a layered and visually captivating space. Turn earthy and organic accents into the ultimate comfort.

Try this Ilala Palm Tray from Handmade In Malawi for R350.

Style tip: Try embracing the trend with wicker baskets, chunky wooden lamps, and woven vases for a finishing touch.

Embrace those bronze hues and metallic touches

Bring your space to life by elevating your plain white walls with a magnificent copper-coloured statement mirror or a screen to hang throws over.

Try: Rust coat screen from Design11 for R3843.

You can contrast the tribal design against a cream-coloured textured lamp, and place everything on a slender marble countertop or table for a flattering effect.

Illuminate with lighting

While artisan decor may seem best suited for the living room, it can be equally as eye-catching in your kitchen too. With the addition of ornate, hanging artisan lamps, you can easily illuminate a simple and modern kitchen.

Try: Kiwai Pendant from Iconomy for R3499.

Through rough forms and rustic, handcrafted objects connected to tradition, the artisanal touch invites a mindful, grounded atmosphere that warms up your space.

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