The seasoning of finding the perfect Christmas tree is here! There is nothing like the sight of a nicely decorated Christmas tree in your house.

You must be asking yourself how can you find a perfect tree? Well, REAL SIMPLE gives out ideas to pick an ideal tree for your home.

Here are some of the first steps to help you choose a perfect tree:

Measure your space: According to REAL SIMPLE- a go-to source for practical, useful and clever solutions to make every aspect of your busy life easier- before you go for tree shopping you must make sure you do take the right measurements of the place you will be putting the tree in. By doing this, you can get a tree that is the correct size.

Consider the type of tree: Christmas trees come in different types which includes different fir, spruce and pine. These trees have unique characteristics so you must be sure about the one you would like, says REAL SIMPLE.

Set a budget: The above-mentioned source says that knowing your budget before shopping can help you narrow down your options and find a tree that fits your needs and budget.

Be precise about the shape: Real trees often have a natural irregular shape while the artificial ones have a mor symmetrical and uniform shape. REAL SIMPLE says that when choosing a tree, you must look for a perfect fit.

REAL SIMPLE says when you are picking a Christmas tree you should also be mindful of the look that you are going for, be it a traditional full look or a more modern one.


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Article originally written and published by  Silindokuhle Booi for Bona Magazine.

Feature image: Pexels