It’s winter, out come the woolies and the winter bedding. With these top tips for choosing the best winter bedding, you’ll stay snug right through the colder months.

Winter bedding tip 1: Start with covers and sheets

Firstly, consider the covers and sheets. It may be best to opt for natural fibres, like cotton or silk, that allow your skin to breathe while providing excellent insulation. These materials help to regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Winter bedding tip 2: Finding the right duvet inner

When selecting duvet inners, pay attention to the tog rating. Aim for a rating between 10 and 13 for autumn and winter months. This measurement indicates the duvet’s ability to trap warm air, essential for combating the cold.

Next, choose the right filling based on your preferences and budget. Down or goose are both premium options known for their exceptional warmth, but they can be on the pricier side.

Alternatively, hollowfibre is ideal for allergy sufferers, while luxury microfibre offers softness and heat retention.

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Winter bedding tip 3: Get yourself a mattress topper

For added warmth and comfort, invest in a quality mattress topper. These plush layers not only insulate your bed but also protect your mattress, ensuring a cosy night’s sleep.

Look for options with plush padding and excellent heat retention properties. Memory foam toppers are a popular choice, with a cushioning layer that moulds to your body shape while retaining warmth. Also consider the thickness of the topper, opt for a thicker layer to maximise insulation.

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Article originally compiled by Savanna Douglas for Woman&Home.